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Our wide range of services solves all you problems one-stop helping you with cost-effective measures. STS Oil & Gas takes pride providing only the best quality and people without compromising safety to our clients. .



STS Oil & Gas Pipeline group has a strong team of experience personnel and sophisticated equipment that can cater to our clients’ individual needs. Our pipeline group performs all services related to pre-commissioning and commissioning of pipeline systems, including maintenance of existing pipes and pressure systems. Our personnel track record of innovation offers an unrivalled opportunity to work together in order to complete project within schedule without compromising safety and within budget.

With a high level of focus on Quality, HSE and PMT, STS Oil & Gas is able to offer the following services:

Pipeline Services

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning

Series of operations that needs to be done in order to prepare a subsea pipeline system for use/filling of product.

Pipeline Commissioning

Introduction of the line matter/product into the system, followed by pressurization up to operational pressure.

Pipeline Maintenance/Servicing

Wax Removal, Change of use, etc.

Pipeline Freespan Correction


  • Flooding
  • Cleaning
  • Gauging

Our group is also able to perform the following services related to pipes and pipeline systems:

  • Maintenance / Cleaning and pigs / inspection tools
  • Pig Trap Maintenance & Repair
  • Pig Trap Door Installation

Offshore Transportation and Installation (OIC)

  • Shore Approach
  • Pipelaying & Riser Installation

EPCC Onshore Pipeline Installation